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What browsers currently support

I suggest for best support to use android_browserAndroid Browser if you are on androidAndroid, safariSafari for appleApple iOS and chromeChrome for win8Windows 8 to get full support of all features.

Android is preferred as its camera functionality, speed and reliability is far superior (and cheaper).

As browsers and hardware become more advanced, more and more applications will support the sophisticated html5 features required to run certain features. Here is the current browser/OS support table.

Browser Support

androidAndroid Tablet
(samsung, htc, etc)
appleiOS Devices
(iPad, iPhone, iPod)
(Surface, Slate, etc)
Signature Field android_browserAndroid Browser operaOpera Mobile chromeChrome firefoxFirefox safariSafari chromeChrome Browser chromeChrome firefoxFirefox
Photo Support android_browserAndroid Browser firefoxFirefox operaOpera chromeChrome Browser safariSafariiOS 6+ only chromeChrome Browser